The Feel

The mahogany bait is buoyant, meaning it will dive and rise back to the surface. The maple is near neutral in buoyancy, allowing you to work it deeper and slower in the water.

The Inside

These baits have .045 stainless steel through wire construction, so in the unlikely event that the body of the lure is destroyed, the solid wire connection to the hooks is not lost; neither is your catch. The lip of the lure is constructed of 1/4" or 1/8" polycarbonate and is virtually indestructible. The bait is weighted with a non-lead substance, so there are no water contamination problems, no matter how long the bait stays in the water.

The Look

The crank is finished with 3-D eyes, airbrushed, and sealed with two coats of a UV-protective polymer epoxy finish.

The Finishing Touches

The bait was designed with two treble hooks to facilitate the quicker release of fish, eliminate hook fouling, as well as reduce the chance of unwanted collateral damage to the fish. This crank is dressed with quality Mustad treble hooks. All of Sikk's Handcrafted Baits come packaged for the retail shelf.
Both the mahogany and maple are available in 9, 7, 6, and 5 inch patterns.
All of these baits are made to handle large predators like muskellunge and northern pike, but have also reeled in largemouth and smallmouth bass, walleye, and lake trout during field testing.

Available in limited quantities:

  • Shad style bodies with flat sides in mahogany in 8" and 6"
  • 9" slim crank 1/8 inch lip in mahogany
  • 7" x-crank 1/8 inch lip in mahogany
  • Various wooden top-water designs
  • Custom-made spinner baits
  • In-Line Spinners
  • Leaders

Have a lure you don't like?

I also offer the service of custom paint jobs on customer-owned baits.


Examples of Sikk's Handcrafted Baits and color options are in the gallery section. Please see the custom gallery for pictures and the pricing menu for prices. Baits are available for wholesale in limited quantities with proof of retail sales tax id number.



We do not have any baits in stock to sell, but if you would like a bait custom-made, please feel free to contact us by emailing